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DePiT e.K. is trading logs from European forests. We aim to buy the timber directly from the supplier and sell directly to the end user. DePiT e.K. is a dedicated wood trading company and has no ownership of forests, industry or equipment. 

We are specialized on exporting Poplar logs to India. We are able to supply significant volumes of both softwood and hardwood via our purchasers in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France. We prepare logs (A, AB, ABC, BC, C - Grade) based on our customer's requirement. Our customers are very happy with the quality logs that we supply. 

We have our own sales organisation in Germany as well as in India. This makes it easier for us to supply directly to the end user and take advantage of fluctuations in the different markets to the benefit of our customers.

We buy the timber standing or roadside in the forest. Through our network of contractors, we are able to manage the entire process from harvest to end-user. Our cooperation with a number of European sawmills enables us to trade lumber as well as logs.

We focus on long term relations with our customers and suppliers and therefore could trade good quality logs.

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